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Synthetic Nicotine

We are going to be starting the transition over to the CNT Synthetic Nicotine very soon. This page is to answer our most commonly asked questions that we have received about synthetic nicotine. 

Is synthetic nicotine real nicotine? 

The answer is yes, synthetic nicotine is real nicotine. It just isn't derived from the tobacco plant like traditional nicotine.

Does it work and feel the same as tobacco derived nicotine?

Yes, synthetic nicotine works and feels the same as tobacco derived nicotine. You can learn more by checking out this article. Click here to learn more

Does it have a taste?

Although tobacco derived nicotine has a slight taste, synthetic nicotine does not. Since it does not have a taste, the flavors are more prominent and it makes for a better overall vaping experience.

Has synthetic nicotine been tested and researched?

Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco (CNT) started testing and research on their synthetic nicotine back in 2015. Their synthetic S nicotine arrived on the market in 2018 and is used by many premium e-liquid companies today.

Will using synthetic nicotine raise the price of Tea Time?

CNT synthetic nicotine is by far the finest, cleanest and best nicotine on the market. It also has a much higher price tag than traditional nicotine. Therefore, we will be raising our price from $22.99 a bottle to $24.99 a bottle. We will still offer our typical discount codes.

Why is Tea Time switching to synthetic nicotine?

At Tea Time, we strive to offer our customers with the cleanest possible e-liquids that contain only the finest flavorings. What we have learned through our research of CNT synthetic nicotine is that it is a cleaner and better overall nicotine. We only want the best for our customers.

Will I still be able to purchase the tobacco derived nicotine versions?

No, once our remaining stock is out we will be transitioning over to the CNT Synthetic Nicotine.


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