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Tea Time Salt Nic

You have probably ended up on this page because you are interested in a Tea Time Salt Nic line of our fantastic tea flavors. We have recieved numerous emails as well over the past year asking us to offer a "salt nic" version of our e-liquids. 
Here is our response:

Though we do understand that many people enjoy using "salt nic" e-liquids as opposed to "freebase nic" e-liquids, we do have concerns regarding prolonged use of salt nic e-liquids. We have seen quite a few instances of people complaining of respiratory issues after prolonged use of salt nics. They also contain an ingredient called Benzoic Acid of which we really don't have any research on. To summarize, we can't sell a salt nic line because we have concerns that it could possibly be harmful to some users. The same reason why we don't add sweeteners to our e-liquids. We know sucralose can be harmful to some users so we couldn't (in good conscience) add it to our e-liquids. 

What we do offer as a substitute for a salt nic is a 12mg freebase nic e-liquid. Lots of users who have wanted to make the switch from "salt nic" to "freebase nic" have had success using 12mg. As with any salt nic we also suggest that you use 12mg in a mtl (mouth to lung) device or with very low wattage devices.    
If you would like to try our 12mg e-liquids, just choose the 12mg option when making a purchase.
Tea Time Eliquid Co.