About Us

Allow me to introduce myself,

My name is Kevin and I'm the proud owner of Tea Time E-liquid Co. I've been smoke free and vaping for the past 13 years. I started in 2009 with a Blu Cig Starter Kit. The day I received it is the day I quit smoking. I was so amazed that this product stopped my 21 year smoking addiction that I wanted to get involved in the vaping community. 

I started by creating and hosting vape meets in my local area. I, then, decided to start a social network for vapers. Shortly after, I decided to start doing a podcast about vaping, which I still do today. I also founded and helped create The American Vaping Association, of which I'm also a board member. I also worked in the retail end of the industry and managed a vape shop for 3 years. I'm amazed and proud of how far and how fast this industry has grown. I'm honored to be involved with and advocate for vapers and vaping products. These products are really saving people's lives. 

So, that's a little about me. Now, let me tell you about our company.

Tea Time was created for one simple reason; it was to share with my fellow vapers what I've been drinking almost every morning for years.
My two favorite black teas:
Blueberry Peppermint Tea 
Cherry Vanilla Tea 

The taste needed to be authentic. Light yet flavorful and with no added sweeteners. There was only one person qualified for this job, Jay Deluco. Jay has been mixing e-liquids for over 7 years. His experience and palate are amongst the best in the business. Jay has the ability to create very complex e-liquids that are easy and pleasant to vape. We feel that the Tea Time e-liquid line is one of his masterpieces. 

When you taste our e-liquids for the first time, you will experience something different. You will be able to actually taste our flavors; the sweetness of the blueberry and cherry and the subtle hints of the peppermint and vanilla. We don't add any sweeteners to our e-liquids. By doing so, it ensures an enjoyable all day vaping experience. We stick to the "old fashioned" way e-liquid was made. The way it was meant to be. Our e-liquids are also mixed and manufactured right here in the United States.

We know you will enjoy our e-liquids and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and our wonderful company.