Cherry Vanilla Tea by Tea Time E-liquid Co.

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Cherry Vanilla Tea from Tea Time Eliquid Co. 

We proudly present our delightful vape e-liquid, Cherry Vanilla Tea. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of juicy cherries, creamy vanilla, and the comforting essence of fine tea leaves. This unique combination offers a vaping experience that is both indulgent and soothing.

Prepare to be captivated by the burst of sweet cherries with every inhale. Experience the succulent flavors that will dance on your palate, leaving a delightful sweetness behind. As you exhale, indulge in the velvety smoothness of creamy vanilla, adding a touch of richness to the mix. The infusion of premium tea leaves provides a comforting and grounding undertone, elevating the overall flavor profile.

Crafted with meticulous care and a commitment to quality, our Cherry Vanilla Tea e-liquid is formulated using only the finest ingredients. Each puff is a testament to our dedication to excellence, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience that truly captures the essence of the flavors.

Whether you seek a moment of indulgence or a comforting vaping experience, our Cherry Vanilla Tea e-liquid is the perfect choice. Allow its delightful blend of cherries, vanilla, and tea to transport you to a cozy teatime ambiance with each inhale. Elevate your vaping experience and savor the enchanting flavors of Cherry Vanilla Tea.

Product Information:

Comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle.
Our Cherry Vanilla Tea contains No added sweeteners!


Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Flavorings.


Steeping is like making a cup of tea. The tea bag is dipped into the water. The longer that the tea bag is left in the water, the more flavor is dispersed into the water. Much like making tea, the longer you steep your e-liquid, the stronger the flavor will be. 


(100 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Best flavor

    Posted by Jenn Comer on 25th Feb 2020

    I absolutely love this flavor It never dulls and is a nice switch up when your other does.

  • 5
    My favorite

    Posted by Ben Kersey on 25th Feb 2020

    I found out about tea time from Zophie over a year ago and have been vaping Tea Time since. Cherry Vanilla and Blueberry Peppermint mixed together is my absolute favorite vape.

  • 2
    Not for me

    Posted by Chantal on 3rd Dec 2019

    I ordered this based off the Youtuber Zophie Vapes. I have to say the taste just isn’t for me. To me it is quite medicinal with no vanilla flavor. I would like to try the Blueberry peppermint or peach mango but I’m to scared to take a chance, in fear that I will have two more bottles of liquid that I’m not crazy about. I do however wish this company great success. I guess everyone’s taste is different.

  • 5
    Perfect all day vape

    Posted by Becca Shinn on 29th Oct 2019

    The flavor on this is delicious, and subtle enough to vape all day long. I had never tried an eliquid without any added sweeteners before, but as soon as I tasted this, I instantly knew I'll never go back. 10/10 definitely recommend.

  • 4
    suprisingy pleasant

    Posted by g. Every on 18th Oct 2019

    I was skeptical about a cherry/vanilla vape juice, as any previous cherry juice I've tried was disgustingly artificial. I'm not a huge vanilla vape guy either. Well Tea Time came through once again... Perfectly light and subtle on the flavor. I'm not a huge fan of the flavor profile but I could for sure ADV this. Tea Time is unlike any other vape juice I've tried to the point where its become the only brand of juice I can vape. It doesn't matter what the flavor profile is, they are all perfectly balanced/subtle. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why I would end up hating every juice I bought after 2 tanks. It call comes down to the sweetness... Every other vape juice is so sickeningly sweet compared to the Tea Time liquids. I would also comment that the straight flavoring they use to achieve their profiles is executed unlike any other juice. Other juices you can identify the common artificial flavoring like 'pastry' 'custard', whatever else. With Tea Time, the flavors come across natural, not forced. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is because Tea Time has other flavors like Earl Grey and Apple Spice that I prefer.

  • 5
    Dark and rich

    Posted by Daniel on 15th Sep 2019

    First note, if you don't like cherry, this will not be for you. But for me, it's not a sticky-sweet cherry flavor. It's dark and rich but not the cough syrup flavor most cherries have. The vanilla hits more on the exhale and having scraped out vanilla beans, the flavor is rich and subtle at once. Small note, the flavor gets better the more you use it.

  • 4
    Better Now

    Posted by Keith on 14th Sep 2019

    Okay, I’ve left a 3 star review before. At first, I didn’t like this ejuice. Although, the more I hit it, the more I found myself loving it. Keep in mind that the cherry is strong, so if you have any dislike for cherry, then it’s probably not for you. As far at the vanilla goes, it’s very subtle. If you’re not paying attention, you won’t really notice.

  • 5
    Love This

    Posted by Jenn on 8th Sep 2019

    I absolutely love this liquid. The Vanilla is subtle and the cherry is an amazing flavor. This is my go-to.

  • 5

    Posted by Sasha D on 3rd Sep 2019

    This flavor is absolutely amazing super smooth in 3mg im looking forward to try other flavors as well .This is so far best tea flavor that i try super delicious if you guys like good tea flavor and cherry dont pass out on this on its spot on vanilla cherry tea .thank you tea time for making the so good e liquid