Citrus Mint Tea by Tea Time E-liquid Co.

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Citrus Mint Tea from Tea Time Eliquid Co.

We proudly present our refreshing vape e-liquid, Citrus Mint Tea. Immerse yourself in the invigorating blend of zesty citrus, cool mint, and the soothing essence of fine tea leaves. This unique combination offers a vaping experience that is both revitalizing and uplifting.

Prepare to be tantalized by the vibrant burst of citrus with every inhale. Experience the tangy and refreshing flavors that awaken your taste buds, invigorating your senses. As you exhale, enjoy the cool and crisp sensation of mint, which adds a refreshing twist to the mix. The infusion of premium tea leaves provides a grounding and harmonizing element, creating a truly balanced flavor profile.

Crafted with meticulous care and a commitment to quality, our Citrus Mint Tea e-liquid is formulated using only the finest ingredients. Each puff is a testament to our dedication to excellence, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience that captures the true essence of the flavors.

Whether you seek a burst of citrusy freshness or a moment of revitalization, our Citrus Mint Tea e-liquid is the perfect choice. Allow its invigorating blend of citrus, mint, and tea to transport you to a vibrant tea garden with each inhale. Elevate your vaping experience and savor the uplifting flavors of Citrus Mint Tea.

Product Information:

Comes in a 60ml chubby gorilla bottle.
Our Citrus Mint Tea contains No added sweeteners!


Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and Flavorings.


Steeping is like making a cup of tea. The tea bag is dipped into the water. The longer that the tea bag is left in the water, the more flavor is dispersed into the water. Much like making tea, the longer you steep your e-liquid, the stronger the flavor will be. 


(20 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Citrus Mint flavor

    Posted by Robert Roberson on 6th Nov 2023

    One of my favorite's

  • 5
    Citrus mint

    Posted by Paula Massingill on 26th Feb 2020

    Although I havent tried all flavors so far. Citrus Mint has been my fav so far beautiful mix of spearmint tea with citrus the tangerine comes to the top for me & its very delightful.

  • 2
    Bad mix with this one. Could've been just my shipment.

    Posted by John on 21st Jan 2020

    I really do not like leaving a bad review especially for this type of company with no added sweeteners in their ejuice. Sadly, to put it simple, it taste like the bright white piece you would find at a rest top in the urinals if it was edible. It was that bad, I had to throw it away. I could faintly taste the citrus but the lime was horrible and overpowering. Maybe it was a bad bottle but I have no idea. I hope I can try the Green Tea or the Hibiscus when they comes out, but I'd rather wait for the reviews. Just so I know nobody else is experiencing any off flavoring.

  • 4

    Posted by Jackie on 6th Dec 2019

    I wasn’t a fan of this flavor but it’s still good. Just not my favorite. Shipping was very quickly and they arrived quick too! Thank you.

  • 5

    Posted by Daniel on 15th Sep 2019

    The citrus is juicier than I would have imagined for this brand, but refreshing and light nonetheless. It's not the kind of syrupy feel that other juice-flavors possess. The mint is a wonderful compliment, rather than a menthol punch in the face. I've said this before and I'll say it again, but I'm pretty sure I've had this tea before.

  • 5

    Posted by Beth on 22nd Jun 2019

    I love the citrus mint tea flavor. The mint is a fresh mint flavor not an overpowering menthol type flavor. The tea base is delightful and the citrus is just right. A very light fresh flavor. I love that it’s not a sweet flavor. My daily go to vape.

  • 5
    My Favorite!

    Posted by Kenny on 17th Apr 2019

    The citrus is sweet and the mint is just a hint. Mixes perfectly with the tea. My favorite of the 5.

  • 3
    Citrus Mint

    Posted by Tony on 5th Apr 2019

    I was brought here by Ms. Zophie Vapes; thanks for the discount, Zophie and Tea Time! I hate to do it, but I have to be honest. I will give 5 stars for the quick shipping and ease of ordering, but I have to give it a 1 for the citrus mint. It burned my throat like I was smoking one of them cheap cigarillos. It might be the mint mixture with 6mg nicotine that is burning my throat because I tried a menthol juice from a different company and it burned my throat the same way. My other 6mg nicotine juices don't burn like that though. I was hoping that I would like it since it has no added sweeteners, but it's not for me =( Thanks.

  • 3
    shake before use!

    Posted by Marvin M on 19th Mar 2019

    I ordered this along with other liquids, i filled my tank with out shaking the bottle like it says on the back and received a bad harsh hit. once I shook the liquid up the harshness became very minimal. so please Tea Time, i suggest you bold the text on the back of the bottle!